E5 Camp Masterclass Review

What Is E5 Camp Masterclass?

According to the creator Todd Brown, “E5 CAMP Masterclass is a comprehensive blueprint for researching, engineering, evaluating, optimizing, and scaling a mega-hit customer-acquisition marketing campaign. In the industry, it’s one of the most utilized and trusted programs for quick as well as certain outcomes.”

The E5 Camp Masterclass is basically a market channel. It’s based on 5 Es that comprise the 8 modules of the program: Check-out, Designer, Evaluate, Enhance and Expand. These take you with the whole training course from carrying out analyses of the prospect, product as well as the marketplace and competitors to the final component that teaches on expanding purchase levels, competitors evaluations and producing the excellent metrics.

Who Is Todd Brown?

E5 Camp Masterclass is created by Todd Brown, who is the master when it comes to creating marketing funnels. Many internet marketers and corporations pay Todd thousands of dollars to create marketing campaigns for them. He is also the founder of MarketingFunnelAutomation.com since 2013 and the founder of the very successful Six Figures Funnel Formula program.

Why Should You Join E5 Camp Masterclass?

The aim of this course is to transform you from becoming an under-performing entrepreneur or internet marketer to highly successful entrepreneur in creating marketing campaigns that allow you to get more customers and profits into your pockets.

Here are the top 3 reasons to consider joining E5 Camp Masterclass

Reason #1: It Is An Amazing Education-Based Video Sequence You’ll Love, Created From Scratch To Trigger A Buying Frenzy! The entire E5 CAMP MasterClass launch sequence is a brand new education-based campaign & created from scratch.

Reason #2: An Irresistible Offer For A True, Next-Level Training Program & Experience. A package with a real-world value exceeding $19,350.00. Discounted by almost 90%. Coaching with Todd Browns personally. A framework that delivers staggering results with a massive amount of case studies & proof that demonstrates that

Reason #3: Special Bonus if you buy from us not available anywhere else, worth more than the entire tuition in the program. See Bonus section below

This program is suitable for anyone who wish to run a successful marketing campaign i.e.

  • Internet marketers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Campaign managers
  • Freelances
  • Business Owners

Live Training Webinar by Todd Brown

For the next few days, you can get FREE access to a special webinar training which lays out the E5 C.A.M.P. Method. And believe us, you don’t want to miss it. This is an incredible, chance for you to get and use Todd’s highly-sought-after method for producing steady, reliable new customer sales in your business. You don’t want to miss this. It’s all here in this FREE training:

What’s Inside The E5 Camp Masterclass?

The program consists of a series of 8 modules, 30 masterclass lessons, 18 step-by-step Execution Guides, and handouts for everything. Todd teaches you all of that over the course of 15 hours of high-class content.

Module I: Examine – Part 1

Unit 1: Conducting The Prospect Analysis
Unit 2: Conducting The Product Analysis
Unit 3: Conducting The Competitive Analysis

Module II: Examine – Part 2

Unit 4: Conducting The Promise Exposure Spectrum Analysis
Unit 5: Conducting The Prospect Awareness Pyramid Analysis
Unit 6: Creating The Three Dimensional Prospect Profile

Module III: Engineer – Part 1

Unit 7: Your Engineering Tools
Unit 8: Engineering The Perfect Customer Generating Product
Unit 9: Engineering The Perfect Offer
Unit 10: Engineering The Perfect Marketing Funnel Thesis
Unit 11: Engineering The Perfect Big Idea

Module IV: Engineer – Part 2

Unit 12: Flawless Funnel Copywriting
Unit 13: Engineering The Perfect Headline & Lead
Unit 14: Engineering The Perfect Marketing Message

Module V: Engineer – Part 3

Unit 15: Engineering The Perfect Minimum Viable Funnel
Unit 16: Engineering The Perfect Lead Capture Page
Unit 17: Engineering The Perfect Marketing/Sales Page
Unit 18: Engineering The Perfect Order Form

Module VI: Evaluate

Unit 19: Testing Your Minimum Viable Funnel (MVF)
Unit 20: Understanding Your MVF Response

Module VII: Enhance

Unit 21: Enhancing With The Perfect Upsell Sequence
Unit 22: Enhancing With The Perfect Follow-Up Sequence
Unit 23: Enhance Overall Conversion
Unit 24: Setting-up The Perfect Testing

Module VIII: Expand

Lesson 25: Expanding Your Level Of Acquisition Aggression
Lesson 26: Expanding With Competitive Analysis
Lesson 27: Expanding With The Perfect Tracking Set-Up
Lesson 28: Expanding Your Acquisition With B.A.C.Q.
Lesson 29: Expanding With The Perfect Metrics Reporting
Lesson 30: Expanding Through Your Backend

E5 Camp Masterclass Members Community

You will also get access to the E5 Camp Masterclass community where Todd and his team of coaches and other students can mingle, ask questions and discuss about joint ventures, product launches, achievements, technical stuff, and course homeworks etc

Having a group of community internet marketers of all level to network with is a great opportunity to the growth of your entrepreneurial path. Who knows, you may meet you future mentors, students and even business partners in here.

Special Bonuses For Fast Action Takers

In summary, E5 Camp Masterclass is a legitimate course that will benefit serious entrepreneurs ready to take it to the next level.

In addition to all the benefits that you will get from the program itself, we are giving away these awesome special bonuses (not available anywhere else) when you purchase from this website:

(list no. of bonuses)

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Product Launch Formula Review

What Is Product Launch Formula (PLF)?

Product Launch Formula (PLF) is a completed step-by-step training course for both Internet Marketing newbies and seasoned marketers to having their first (or multiple) online product launches in just about any niche. This is an intensive marketing course that will show you exactly how to structure your next launch – what to say, when and how.

This course basically teaches you the detailed process to conduct a proper launch of your own product. The Product Launch Formula is geared to those who are interested in creating their own product and then selling it on the internet so it is abit different than the typical affiliate marketing courses out there.

With the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula 5 you are going to get a LOT of valuable information. This includes two manuals, a set of 10 audio CD interviews with many people who have conducted successful product launches, a video presentation of Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker at a live conference, and a series of of nine CDs with camtasia screencast recordings that explain the entire PLF process.

In addition to all of this, owners of the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula 5 will also have access to a bonus area. This section provides you with a large number of interviews with people who have conducted successful product launches.

PLF Product Launch Formula

 Who Is Jeff Walker?

Jeff Walker is the creator of Product Launch Formula (PLF) and one of the absolute best in the internet marketing world. Over two decades, Jeff has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to launch new products and services online that have generated over $500 million in revenue! Amazing!!

(Check out the Product Launch Formula website here.)

New York Best Selling author for the book “Launch” Jeff, has developed PLF as a proven step-by-step process for launching anything online that you can easily follow and implement in your business. PLF is one of the best-selling internet marketing courses of ALL-TIME with sales approaching $30 million to date.

Why Product Launch Formula?

    • Comprehensive step-by-step course that spells out exactly how, what and when to do things, to get you to launch your first product online
    • Also easy for newbies with pre-recorded videos, live training webinars, online members portal, customer support and more to help beginners launch!
    • Plenty of bonuses including, a series of 10 audio CD interviews with people who have conducted successful product launches, a video recording of Jeff presenting his PLF at a conference etc. See bonuses below.
    • Jeff is an experienced and successful marketer that has coached many others to successful product launches of their own. He has developed a proven system that works, and is still going strong after a decade

What’s Inside The PLF Course?

Product Launch Formula contains two PDF guides, a series of 10 audio CD interviews with people who have conducted successful product launches, a video recording of Jeff presenting his PLF at a conference, and the “meat” of the course, a series of 9 CDs with camtasia screencast recordings where Jeff uses mindmaps and audio to explain the PLF process.

The course also includes a Launch road map and seven in-depth MODULES covering everything from Jeff’s fundamental sales strategy “The Sideways Sales Letter” to preparing for your launch, setting launch goals, building your list, telling your launch story, developing pre-launch content and creating videos that convert.

The Product Launch Formula Training Modules

Module 1

  • 16 videos relating to core strategies and tactics of PLF
  • Exercises and homeworks for self practise

Module 2

  • 15 training guides that rehashes Module 1 while developing your Launch Theme and Launch Story
  • This module touches on your P.S Path which is a critical key to your launch
  • Also covers Business Launch Formula

Module 3

  • 12 part modules covering two very important aspect of launches 1) Seed Launch and 2) Quick Launch
  • Seed Launch is perfect for newbies in the launch scene who doesn’t have any product or list
  • Quick Launch is suitable for marketers who already have their own product or offer, to start creating income from their first launch

Module 4

  • 19 part modules on Internal Launch
  • Internal Launch is the main ingredient to PLF. This chapter goes deep into creating pre-launch content

Module 5

  • This module teaches about killer content that you will learn to set you up for an amazing launch
  • Jeff breaks down actual pre-launch videos from his previous students and shows you what went right & wrong in each video
  • Jeff will be sharing what works and what doesn’t in this module so you’ll know how to apply these strategies correctly in your own launch

Module 6

  • 13 part modules that goes over sales videos
  • JV launch partnerships and how to set them up

Module 7

  • This is a special bonus module covering the Evergreen launch, broken down into 10 modules
  • In summary, once you have created your launch, Jeff will show you how you can automate PLF all year round for a consistent stream of income
  • Jeff will also share a few more sales videos and real life examples created by PLF students that have had successful launches
  • Jv Launch will be discussed – where and how to use other people’s list to get maximum leverage for your own launch

PLF Special Bonuses

These modules above are only lessons from the main course only. There are more PLF bonus materials

Bonus 1 – Niche Selection

Bonus 2 – Launching Your Email List

Bonus 3 – Swipe Files

Bonus 4 – Product creation code

Bonus 6 – Case studies

Bonus 7 – Book Launch

Bonus 8 – Promoting Other Launches

PLF Members Community

You will also get access to the PLF community where Jeff and his team of coaches and other students can mingle, ask questions and discuss about joint ventures, product launches, achievements, technical stuff, and course homeworks etc

Having a group of community internet marketers of all level to network with is a great opportunity to the growth of your entrepreneurial path. Who knows, you may meet you future mentors, students and even business partners in here.

 Should You Buy Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula?

While this will need to be a very personal decision, I do think there are certain people who will benefit a lot more than other from this program.

  • Newbies who require handholding, step-by-step assistance will gain from Jeff’s super detailed course that covers everything from ground up
  • Seasoned marketers that have their own products but have yet to make a launch or would like to make their first product launch would gain immensely from this course

Jeff Walker PLF

What Are The Cons?

Well for starters, this is a very detailed course which covers A LOT of content. If you purchase this course, you will need to spend substantial amount of time to go through all of them and actually implement the teachings of this course

If you are expecting a push button software, then unfortunately this is not for you. This is the REAL DEAL for people serious about pursuing their internet marketing career path and making money online. You need to actually work and put effort into what you learn to yield desirable results.

In summary, Product Launch Formula is a legitimate course that will benefit serious internet markerters ready to take it to the next level.

If this sounds like you,then…

Here’s How You Can Get Into The PLF Program


Learn Build Earn Review

What Is Learn Build Earn?

LearnBuildEarn is online course about creating and offering informative products while producing a nice stream of online income.

As its name indicates, the course is divided into three parts:

1) Learning how to focus on your interest specific niche to generate online income,

2) Building an online website or business that uses your interest or skills,

3) Earning money in a consistent and passive stream once you master them

In Mark Ling’s own words, he calls it the “the most detailed info marketing program in the market.”

Learn Build Earn 2017 Workshop

John and Mark will be hosting a personal welcome just LIVE Workshop, where they will break down in step by step process how they and their trainees are able to regularly generate 6-figures in the all types of niches. Furthermore, they will also be revealing the 20 Finest Specific niches for you to start with.

Don’t wait! Register now, as seats are very minimal and they are filling up QUICKLY!

In this LIVE Workshop you will …

Find out how to obstruct and dominate 99% of your competition

  • The 20 Finest Digital Products People Are Hungry To Buy That And Are Presently Under-Served
  • How This Average Person Produces Over $2 Million a Year By Having actually Built Over 85 Fully Automated Digital Product Organisations
  • Discover Ways to Setup and Usage Simple & Ugly Loan Sites to Generate Loads of Hungry Niche Specific Traffic
  • Learn the LAST Traffic Technique You Will EVER Need

PLUS Much More

Mark Ling’s Learn Build Earn

Mark has not only effectively founded a several million dollar services by selling Informational Products in dozens of niches, he has helped hundreds of other individuals replicate his methods.


This is the difference between a guru who just happened to make a couple of thousand dollars online and a true online entrepreneur who has a constant and tested system that can be duplicated by others.

Why Learn Build Earn & Details Products?

Here are 3 reasons that selling informational products is the very best strategy to make money online.

  • We live in the info age– we utilize internet every minute of our lives, and count on the web as the very first source of our info to get knowledge and discover much faster
  • You can literately learn anything from scratch– low start-up capital, you do not need to print, take stock or manage postage or perhaps hire full-time personnel
  • After you create an item, you continue making for life– no printing charge nor expiration date. You can establish your ability and continue to churn out one item after another

At the end of the day, there is no genuine threat to getting begun in the educational marketing industry; however, you do have to find out how to do it appropriately. And here’s where Mark Ling’s revolutionary course comes in …

With Learn Build Earn, you do not need to complete the blanks or play any thinking video games. The course will set out whatever for you, as though you get Mark’s ‘over your shoulder’ assistance.

Mark has produced a step-by-step tutorial that guides you from action 1 all the way to offering possibly a million dollar item in 12 weeks or less.

Mark Ling Learn Build Earn

What Is Inside Learn Build Earn?

What’s Within Mark Ling’s Learn Build Earn?

14 Modules of hardcore online marketing understanding, divided into basic to find out and execute videos, with a personal mastermind group and excellent group assistance. Some of the trainees have had the ability to construct a 6-figure business in under 12 weeks!

Disclaimer: This is not a ‘push button software’. And much like most successful business, you will still have to Do The Work and Do something about it!

Here is a breakdown of the modules:

1. Profit Funnels, Niches & Influence

2. Creating Products That Really SELL

3. Chapter Outlines

4. Make Them Buy Sales Pages & System

5. Making and Offering FANTASTIC Bonus offers

6. Super Optimized Graphic Creation

7. Sales Copy and The “Story Component”

8. Email Marketing & Composing Like a Pro

9. Establishing Completely Optimized Sites

10. Highest quality Material Creation & Outsourcing

11. Improving and Additional Optimizing Members & Affiliate Location

12. Connection, Facebook & Email List

13. YouTube and The best ways to Get Stacks of Targeted Organic Traffic

14. Conversion & Advanced Copywriting

15. Members Online forum

Learn Build Earn

LIVE Q&A Sessions

There will be weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions hosted by Mark, where you will be able to ask him anything about business. If you experience any concerns/ concerns or simply require a nod that you are on the right track, Mark and his group are there for you– LIVE! In addition, all the Q&A sessions will be recorded and contributed to the members area.

Learn Build Earn Members Only Forum

Discover Build Earn Members Only Online forum

There is also the members just private forum for you to sign up with, where you will have the ability to get in touch with other fellow members, share your success and get your all of your questions responded to. The coaches will be publishing beneficial tips and techniques and making certain you do not entrust a doubt. Find out, grow and attain success together with a group of likeminded people that you will satisfy in the membership website

Strong Customer Support

You can utilize on their 24/7 assistance service, waiting to serve you and solve any problems you might have. Just contact their assistance line for any questions or problems you may have. No doubt Mark has among the best assistance service in the industry!

Bonuses For Early Birds – Learn Build Earn