Product Launch Formula Review

What Is Product Launch Formula (PLF)?

Product Launch Formula (PLF) is a completed step-by-step training course for both Internet Marketing newbies and seasoned marketers to having their first (or multiple) online product launches in just about any niche. This is an intensive marketing course that will show you exactly how to structure your next launch – what to say, when and how.

This course basically teaches you the detailed process to conduct a proper launch of your own product. The Product Launch Formula is geared to those who are interested in creating their own product and then selling it on the internet so it is abit different than the typical affiliate marketing courses out there.

With the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula 5 you are going to get a LOT of valuable information. This includes two manuals, a set of 10 audio CD interviews with many people who have conducted successful product launches, a video presentation of Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker at a live conference, and a series of of nine CDs with camtasia screencast recordings that explain the entire PLF process.

In addition to all of this, owners of the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula 5 will also have access to a bonus area. This section provides you with a large number of interviews with people who have conducted successful product launches.

PLF Product Launch Formula

 Who Is Jeff Walker?

Jeff Walker is the creator of Product Launch Formula (PLF) and one of the absolute best in the internet marketing world. Over two decades, Jeff has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to launch new products and services online that have generated over $500 million in revenue! Amazing!!

(Check out the Product Launch Formula website here.)

New York Best Selling author for the book “Launch” Jeff, has developed PLF as a proven step-by-step process for launching anything online that you can easily follow and implement in your business. PLF is one of the best-selling internet marketing courses of ALL-TIME with sales approaching $30 million to date.

Why Product Launch Formula?

    • Comprehensive step-by-step course that spells out exactly how, what and when to do things, to get you to launch your first product online
    • Also easy for newbies with pre-recorded videos, live training webinars, online members portal, customer support and more to help beginners launch!
    • Plenty of bonuses including, a series of 10 audio CD interviews with people who have conducted successful product launches, a video recording of Jeff presenting his PLF at a conference etc. See bonuses below.
    • Jeff is an experienced and successful marketer that has coached many others to successful product launches of their own. He has developed a proven system that works, and is still going strong after a decade

What’s Inside The PLF Course?

Product Launch Formula contains two PDF guides, a series of 10 audio CD interviews with people who have conducted successful product launches, a video recording of Jeff presenting his PLF at a conference, and the “meat” of the course, a series of 9 CDs with camtasia screencast recordings where Jeff uses mindmaps and audio to explain the PLF process.

The course also includes a Launch road map and seven in-depth MODULES covering everything from Jeff’s fundamental sales strategy “The Sideways Sales Letter” to preparing for your launch, setting launch goals, building your list, telling your launch story, developing pre-launch content and creating videos that convert.

The Product Launch Formula Training Modules

Module 1

  • 16 videos relating to core strategies and tactics of PLF
  • Exercises and homeworks for self practise

Module 2

  • 15 training guides that rehashes Module 1 while developing your Launch Theme and Launch Story
  • This module touches on your P.S Path which is a critical key to your launch
  • Also covers Business Launch Formula

Module 3

  • 12 part modules covering two very important aspect of launches 1) Seed Launch and 2) Quick Launch
  • Seed Launch is perfect for newbies in the launch scene who doesn’t have any product or list
  • Quick Launch is suitable for marketers who already have their own product or offer, to start creating income from their first launch

Module 4

  • 19 part modules on Internal Launch
  • Internal Launch is the main ingredient to PLF. This chapter goes deep into creating pre-launch content

Module 5

  • This module teaches about killer content that you will learn to set you up for an amazing launch
  • Jeff breaks down actual pre-launch videos from his previous students and shows you what went right & wrong in each video
  • Jeff will be sharing what works and what doesn’t in this module so you’ll know how to apply these strategies correctly in your own launch

Module 6

  • 13 part modules that goes over sales videos
  • JV launch partnerships and how to set them up

Module 7

  • This is a special bonus module covering the Evergreen launch, broken down into 10 modules
  • In summary, once you have created your launch, Jeff will show you how you can automate PLF all year round for a consistent stream of income
  • Jeff will also share a few more sales videos and real life examples created by PLF students that have had successful launches
  • Jv Launch will be discussed – where and how to use other people’s list to get maximum leverage for your own launch

PLF Special Bonuses

These modules above are only lessons from the main course only. There are more PLF bonus materials

Bonus 1 – Niche Selection

Bonus 2 – Launching Your Email List

Bonus 3 – Swipe Files

Bonus 4 – Product creation code

Bonus 6 – Case studies

Bonus 7 – Book Launch

Bonus 8 – Promoting Other Launches

PLF Members Community

You will also get access to the PLF community where Jeff and his team of coaches and other students can mingle, ask questions and discuss about joint ventures, product launches, achievements, technical stuff, and course homeworks etc

Having a group of community internet marketers of all level to network with is a great opportunity to the growth of your entrepreneurial path. Who knows, you may meet you future mentors, students and even business partners in here.

 Should You Buy Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula?

While this will need to be a very personal decision, I do think there are certain people who will benefit a lot more than other from this program.

  • Newbies who require handholding, step-by-step assistance will gain from Jeff’s super detailed course that covers everything from ground up
  • Seasoned marketers that have their own products but have yet to make a launch or would like to make their first product launch would gain immensely from this course

Jeff Walker PLF

What Are The Cons?

Well for starters, this is a very detailed course which covers A LOT of content. If you purchase this course, you will need to spend substantial amount of time to go through all of them and actually implement the teachings of this course

If you are expecting a push button software, then unfortunately this is not for you. This is the REAL DEAL for people serious about pursuing their internet marketing career path and making money online. You need to actually work and put effort into what you learn to yield desirable results.

In summary, Product Launch Formula is a legitimate course that will benefit serious internet markerters ready to take it to the next level.

If this sounds like you,then…

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